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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

VIRTUES (ISSUES 13-06-2011)

The virtues are value that allows an individual to be respected and play an active role in ensuring a harmoniius society as well as contribute to the growth and development.


1) Kasih Sayang / Love
Feelings of love, compassion and deep and lasting affection born out of a willing heart.

2) Kerajinan / Hardworking
Continuous effort filled with the spirit of diligence, perseverance, initiative and dedication in doing things.

3) Hemah Tinggi / Courteous
Kind, honourable, gentle and polite demeanour.

4) Hormat- Menghormati / Mutual Respect
 Appreciate and value individuals and social institution to provide a decent service

5) Berdikari / Independent
 The ability and willingness to do something without depending on others. 

6) Kesedaran /Awareness
Not being extreme in making judgments and actions whether in thoughts, speech or behavior without ignoring the importance of self and others.

7) Baik Hati / Kind Hearted
Attitude of constant and genuine concern about the feelings and welfare of others.
8) Kesyukuran / Thankful
Genuine feeling and behavior for the blessings and happiness obtained.

9)Semangat Bermasyarakat / Living In Harmony
Willingness to do things a sense of belonging based on mutual interests to create harmony in society.
10) Kejujuran / Integrity
Attitude and behavior that demonstrate good faith, trust and honesty without expecting any reward.

SETEMKU (ISSUES 28-04-2011)

Wood carving,a traditional malaysian handicraft is one of the classical Malaysian art that is still growing.

Bunga Raya.
Bunga Raya, commonly know as hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia and can be found in abundance throughout the country.

Wau Bulan.
Wau Bulan is a famous traditional kite, richly decorated with colourful patterns of flowers and leaves.

Durian known for its unique aroma and thorn-covered husk is a favourite among the local.

*Credits to Kraftangan Malaysia